Pre-Order Terms

Information about our pre-orders & custom prints:
What exactly is a pre order? A pre-order is when we do not have the items in our possession. It is where customers place an order and once enough orders are made, we then submit them for production (MOQ is any of these 50,80,100) There are time variations on when the diapers will arrive to you, based on order sizing. If you are not okay with the amount of wait times, you can always wait until we have extras on hand. In most cases we won't have a lot of extras, so get your orders in while you can! By ordering on preorder you’re also getting the opportunity to pay less for your diapers, once we have them on hand the prices will raise to $7.50.
Now what does custom print mean? A custom print is something that you wouldn’t see from any other company. Since they are custom prints they will take a bit longer to produce than some companies. Please allow 6-12 weeks to be produced and delivered to Little Miss Ellie after the order has been submitted.
About our diapers: We design our diaper prints ourselves. Our diapers are One Size Pocket Diapers with a charcoal bamboo lining. The charcoal bamboo lining helps wick away moisture from baby's skin. Our diapers are 7 dollars each plus shipping to you when ordered on pre-order.
Order information:
A way to know what orders are open? All orders can be found in the file section of the group each will tell you what stage they are currently in, as well we will be making regular updates on the group itself.

New addition to pre order rules!

We will still allow payment arrangements as long as you speak with me right before or right after placing your order. We will have a 2 strike rule in place with payment plans. We will work out a due date together. If you fail to pay your invoice by your due date 2 different times, we will no longer offer you a payment plan and you will have to pay your invoice in the 1 week allotted time frame.
If a print in a pre-Order doesn’t make it to MOQ, you will be refunded and the print will be placed in passive pre-Order until it reaches MOQ. Passive Pre-Order will stay the same as it is now. You will not be invoiced until the print reaches MOQ and is placed in an open pre-Order.
Cancellations: If you choose to cancel your order you can do so and receive a full refund up until the time it is sent into production. Once order is sent into production and you choose to cancel your order, you will only receive a partial refund. (A partial refund will be all of your shipping cost and 60% of each diaper ordered is what will be refunded.)
Returns/Exchanges: We accept returns (customer pays shipping back to us) on all products received in new in package condition (Clean, unwashed, free of odors, ect...) within 30 days from the date you received your items. We do charge a 10% restocking fee on all returned items, but that fee will be waived if you exchange it for another product. We cannot refund, shipping cost once an item has shipped.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
Thank you for reading all our rules!