Pre Order/Custom Print Q&A

Q: What Is A Cloth Diaper Pre Order?

A: A Pre Order is an order made before the item is put into production. How this works is an order is opened up for a certain amount of time (30 days, sometimes more). At the end of the order’s open period, the money accumulated from the order is sent to the manufacturer to then put those items in production.

Q: What is a “Custom Print”?

A: A custom print is a design made by the owner of Little Miss Ellie Co that can be based off of our own ideas or the ideas of our customers. We do like to include all opinions of our members to better serve what they would like to see run for each of our orders. You are more than welcome to join the main Facebook group ( to put your suggestions into the suggestion section located in the files of the group.

Q: How long are the diapers in production?

A: They are in production anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Sometimes the manufacturer can get these items done at a sooner time. This is not always the case so always expect 8 weeks for production time at the most. If it does for some reason take longer we will always notify you of changes in production.

Q: How and when will I get my order?

A: When the diapers are done in production they will be shipped to the groups’ location, this could take anywhere between 1-2 weeks for shipping. When it is received orders will be individually packaged and sent out to all customers. Once all orders are received and no problems have occurred, the extra diapers will be posted to the website as in stock and they will be sent as in stock items from that point on.

Q: What type of diapers do you provide?

A: We are mainly an OS Pocket Diaper group with some AIO’s available but those are not regular ordered items. We provide customized designs (not individual designs, but one design made into a bulk order, can have up to 12+ designs available at one time). We are open to providing AIO’s full time, Covers, Inserts, Newborn diapers in the future but as of right now the groups focus is OS Pocket Diapers.