Our Rewards Program

* New Rewards Points will be called "Bubbles"
New Ways to earn Bubbles
  • Create an account: 200 Bubbles 
  • Enter your birthday: 200 Bubbles
  • Complete your profile for your new account: 25 Bubbles
  • Placing an order will get you 3 bubbles for every $1 Spent
  • Leave a review on the products you purchased: 20 Bubbles
  • Share our website on Facebook: 50 Bubbles
  • Share your Wishlist with your friends: 25 Bubbles
We are also implementing a digital punch card. After placing 10 orders of $25 or more you will receive 600 Bubbles.
New Ways to redeem Bubbles:
  • 250 Bubbles for 5% off discount code
  • 750 Bubbles for 10% off discount code
  • 1200 Bubbles for 15% off discount code
  • 1750 Bubbles for 20% off discount code
  • 2200 Bubbles for Free Shipping
  • 3000 Bubbles for $10.00 Gift Card
  • 10,000 Bubbles for 50% off discount code
Referral Program:
$3.00 Gift card: Customer will receive gift card when the person referred makes a purchase.
5% Discount: Potential customers who gets the referral link will receive this discount
I hope you all are as excited about this as me!! I cannot wait to launch the new website!
Please let us know if you have any questions!